A global design maverick with an obsessive passion for creating design havens for homes.

You don’t need an interior designer to tell you who you are and how you should feel in your home. All you need is for someone to help you interpret your needs to create interiors that inspire and speak to you. I have moved 28 times! Some call it unsettling, others call it crazy, but it has helped me grow and develop into who I am today -

After 30 years of running my own retail company, and being responsible for our stores visual merchandising. I went back to school and got a diploma in Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese Face Reading. I wanted to understand why one gravitated towards certain spaces and not others and the science behind the intangible - energy. With this knowledge, my instincts, taste, and style were given structure and logic. By creating proportion and balance, I was able to transform energy to best serve those inhabiting the space and give homes the power to enhance and elevate you.